A big thanks goes out to Ed at The Shop in So Cal, for helping us sell some Shiftsters to his customers. 2 of 2
Ron Jon was most happy when we showed up at Giant Rock recently with a spare Shiftster in our truck. 3 of 3
Saki, our newest test pilot. Part Jindo, part Dingo? We really haven't a clue what he is, but he's just a great dog.
Garlic Bronco
Our daughter enjoying the beauty that is Minnesota mud during our Middle America Road Trip last July
The Test Vehicle
Here's a pic of Ian, our second  customer from Down Under.
Big Ski6
A mid winter rendezvous at Big Rock, Landers, California with some of our friends from the Full Size Bronco forum. Good times
Scenic 1
Ron Jon was most happy when we showed up at Giant Rock recently with a spare Shiftster in our truck. 3 of 3
Rooster Tail
Here's a pic of Ian, our second  customer from Down Under.
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Easily Convert Your Electric BorgWarner Transfer Case to Manual Operation!

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The Shiftster™ is finally here, the innovative and new product that will quickly and simply cure your Shift On The Fly problems for ever. No more broken wiring or corroded electric components to go bad on you at the worst possible moment. No more expensive shift motors to replace. No more time consuming diagnosis and repair of the overly complicated and problematic S.O.T.F system. No more ruined family vacations or off road trips. No more expensive tows back to civilization. No more hassles.


Because the Shiftster™ eliminates them. Completely. It is not only the easiest and least expensive alternative to a manually shifted transfer case swap (costing hundreds of dollars), but it is the ultimate trail repair part to keep with you at all times. As you may already know, there are only two types of electrically shifted transfer cases on the planet-----those that have already failed….and those that eventually will.

Trust us, just because yours is working fine at the moment does not mean that Mr. Murphy has forgotten you. So you must always plan on an unexpected visit from him. It’s just a matter of when he’s going to stop by and see you.

The Shiftster™ is rugged, simple and foolproof-----just reach under your drivers seat, pull up on the spring loaded lock pin and turn the handle to whatever gear range you desire---2 High, 4 High or 4 Low. All of these ranges are available and the Shiftster securely keeps your t-case in the one that you select. And it takes only seconds. So please explore our website some more and see what the Shiftster can do for you………

The Shiftster™ by Ricky B Designs. Patent pending, all rights reserved. 2011



Buy Now!

The Shiftster

The Shiftster* is designed as a painless bolt-on application to convert your tired old BorgWarner transfer case from electric to manual. There is NO major modification, NO removal of the transfer case or transmission. In our experience, The Shiftster can be removed and re-installed in just about 10 minutes.


Shipping Instructions:

*Patent Pending
*Shipping costs to Australia will be an additional $18.50 USD 


This product has saved my butt many times. I recommend it to anyone who has a BorgWarner transfer case, please buy it now!
This product is amazing! It's so simple and fool proof!